Finance & Investments

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DH’s financial services business is a provider of tailored financing solutions to businesses and SMEs including asset-backed and mortgage loans. Through DH Financial Holdings Limited and Guangdong Guanying Mortgage Service Co. Limited, the Group is able to satisfy the individual needs of our customers in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Guangdong Guanying Mortgage Service Co. Limited

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The Group also has a portfolio of alternative investments in well-managed private companies focused on technological advancements and positive changes of the respective industries. We usually hold minority stakes and holdings in our investee companies and also selectively participate in their high-level strategies. DH strives to leverage our combined network and industry expertise to maximize the value of the Group’s investments. With backing from our financial services business, DH also participates in structured lending backed by different other forms of collateral.

DH’s portfolio of alternative investments include Guangdong Huibang Decoration Technology Co., Ltd,  a real estate and construction enterprise based in mainland China, and NCX Limited, a bitcoin vending machine operator, as well as a global online entertainment company.

Guangdong Huibang Decoration Technology Co., Ltd

NCX Limited