The Group’s food manufacturing and distribution business unit’s current products range from fine chocolates for prestigious clients including luxury hotels to  lunch and meal solutions catered to local schools in Hong Kong. We also supply convenience stores and retailers with sandwiches, sushi and other packaged foods. Since 1992 , through Macy’s Candies Group, DH has developed capabilities in primary production, processing, logistics and distribution.

With our extensive industry know-how and client base, DH constantly expands its food product range and distribution channels to meet changing demands and market trends. As we are well aware of the impact of global warming on the global food chain,  DH focuses on developing environmentally friendly food varieties to suit green and healthy diets that are becoming increasingly popular. Apart from our own self-developed items and selections, we also partner with other restaurants and food product brands to produce and distribute packaged chilled and frozen foods.

Macy’s Candies Group


The Group has equity interests in premier Indian restaurants Gaylord and Gunpowder. Gaylord is one of the oldest restaurants in Hong Kong, having opened in 1972. Currently, the two restaurants are managed by Mayfare Group. Our manufacturing and distribution as well as deliveries businesses also work with Gaylord and Gun Powder to produce and supply fine-quality branded packaged foods.